What Foods Are Allowed on the Wheat Belly Diet?


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The Wheat Belly diet allows participants to have meat, fruit, vegetables, nuts, ground flaxseed, chia seeds, healthy oils, avocado, tea, coffee and water, along with a limited amount of dairy and dark chocolates, according to the Wheat Belly website. It is also recommended that all processed foods and added sugar foods are discarded.

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What Foods Are Allowed on the Wheat Belly Diet?
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The Wheat Belly diet also asks participants to add additional exercise to their life, although it does not specify what this exercise should be. It is also recommended that anyone who has heart disease or high cholesterol should avoid the red meat and dairy allowed as part of this diet. The Wheat Belly diet is not dangerous for most people and should not create any side effects unless a person does not get an adequate number of calories each day or does not meet their nutritional needs.

The most difficult part of the Wheat Belly diet involves making significant lifestyle changes including paying attention to nutritional labels, altering shopping habits and making new meals with the approved food choices, notes WebMD. For people who have difficulty with gluten, this diet may be the perfect way to eliminate gluten while staying healthy. However, for others the diet does not have the necessary scientific backing to prove that it will work as a weight-loss diet.

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