What Foods Are Allowed in the Atkins Diet Plan?


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Foods allowed on the Atkins diet plan include leafy greens, eggs, salmon, butter, yogurt and nuts. Each stage of the four-phase diet emphasizes certain foods over others.

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What Foods Are Allowed in the Atkins Diet Plan?
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The first phase of the Atkins diet is the two-week induction phase. During this time, dieters consume fewer than 20 grams of protein per day. Foods compatible with the induction phase include eggs, chicken salad, steak, nuts and kale. Fruit is not allowed.

During the second phase of the Atkins diet, also called the balancing phase, dieters incorporate more nuts into their meal plan. They may also eat a small amount of fruit. High-sugar fruits such as apples, oranges and bananas are not permitted.

The third phase of the Atkins diet is the fine-tuning phase. Dieters in this stage are approaching their goal weight. During this time, small amounts of complex carbohydrates slow weight loss and stabilize the body. Approved sources of carbohydrates include whole-grain bread and tortillas.

The final phase of the Atkins diet is the maintenance phase. Dieters may consume as many complex carbohydrates as their bodies can tolerate without gaining weight. High-protein foods remain central in maintenance phase meal plans.

Certain foods are incompatible with all phases of the Atkins diet. These include white sugar, white rice, candy, cake and sugary fruits. Spelt, rye, potatoes and sugary soft drinks are also forbidden.

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