What Foods Are in an Alkaline Diet?


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Salad greens, green vegetable juices, lemon-infused water, raisins, spinach, banana, carrots, celery, potato, cauliflower and apricot are among the alkaline-promoting foods, according to Dr. Oz. Soybeans, tofu and legumes are also included in an alkaline diet, states WebMD.

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Foods that produce alkaline compounds in the body help neutralize the bad effects of acid-promoting foods. In an alkaline food plan suggested by Dr. Oz, the rule is to eat two alkaline-promoting foods for every portion of acid-promoting food. A meal composed of scrambled eggs with spinach along with a slice of grapefruit is good for breakfast. For lunch, salad greens drizzled with avocado-lemon dressing topped with slices of baked turkey meat is appropriate. A balanced dinner may include stir-fried vegetables and a low-acid promoting food like salmon. To make food more alkaline-promoting, people should cook with alkaline spices and herbs such as paprika, chili powder, parsley leaves, ground ginger and curry, advises Dr. Oz.

Green vegetable juices have an alkalizing effect on the body, notes WebMD. Water infused with fresh lemon or lime extract also helps in offsetting the effects of acid-promoting foods, such as dairy, eggs, meat and processed food. Foods with alcohol, gluten, and caffeine are excluded in the alkaline diet.

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