What Are Some Foods With No Added Sugar?


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Some foods with no added sugar include coconut milk, plain Greek yogurt and 100 percent whole wheat pasta. Other foods with no added sugar include fresh fruits and vegetables.

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A food that contains no added sugar is natural peanut butter. Check the ingredients carefully to ensure that the natural peanut butter does not contain vegetable oil or artificial sweeteners. Many peanut butter labels claim to be all-natural, but actually contain added sugars. The brands Smucker's and Krema manufacture natural peanut butter varieties.

Foods with no added sugar do not contain high-fructose corn syrup, corn sweetener, demerara, evaporated cane juice or fructose; these are other names for added sugars. Old-fashioned oats do not contain any of these ingredients and are a healthy source of fiber. They also provide protein and complex carbohydrates. Avoid instant oatmeal such as Quaker Instant Strawberries and Cream, as this contains partially hydrogenated soybean oils and other processed sugars.

Natural spaghetti sauce, such as Ragu Lite, is another food that contains no added sugar. Low-fat feta cheese, parmesan cheese and low-fat cottage cheese are other foods with no added sugar. Pomegranate juice is free of added sugars as long as it is 100 percent pure juice.

Certain lean meats contain no added sugars when they are prepared correctly, such as lean ground turkey, wild caught salmon and chicken. Brown rice and green tea are also free of added sugars.

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