What Are the Best Foods for Acid Reflux?


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The best foods for acid reflux are those that do not cause heartburn such as apples, broccoli, feta cheese and pretzels, according to About.com. It is important for people to keep track of what foods aggravate heartburn, as these may be different for everyone.

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There are relatively safe foods that fall into every major food category for most sufferers of acid reflux, explains About.com. For instance, there are many fruits and vegetables that are safe such as bananas, carrots and peas. Protein sources can also be eaten by most people with acid reflux, and these include extra-lean ground beef, egg whites and chicken breast.

Many people with acid reflux want to get dairy in a diet, too, but some choices, such as fat-free cream cheese and fat-free sour cream, are better choices than other dairy, claims About.com. Many grains are also safe to eat with acid reflux, including white or wheat bread, graham crackers, rice cakes, and brown or white rice. Mineral water is a good beverage to drink when on a diet for acid reflux, and low-fat salad dressing is also safe. If someone wants to have dessert when on a diet for acid reflux, recommendations include jelly beans, fat-free cookies, red liquorice and baked chips.

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