What Food and Vitamins Help Stop Uterine Fibroid Bleeding?


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Supplements and foods that may help to stop uterine fibroid bleeding and other symptoms include iron, B vitamins, lentils and carrots, according to HowStuffWorks. Other foods and supplements that can help include blackstrap molasses, soybeans, beta carotene and vitamin E.

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In addition to foods and supplements, other natural remedies can help with uterine fibroids, explains HowStuffWorks. One such treatment is to reduce stress. Stress may cause fibroids to worsen, so doctors recommend that women with fibroids practice deep breathing, yoga, meditation, biofeedback or other activities that are known to bring stress levels down. Hydrotherapy is an option for treating fibroids, and it helps to stimulate blood circulation in the body and provide pain relief.

Acupressure is another treatment for those with uterine fibroids, states HowStuffWorks. This treatment focuses on the liver and spleen in order to provide pain relief. Herbs such as wild cherry, blue cohosh and dong quai are also known for treating the symptoms of uterine fibroids, including symptoms such as hemorrhoids and constipation. Fasting, colon therapy and detoxification may also help to ease the symptoms associated with fibroids. Homeopathy is a good option for short-term relief from fibroids, but those with long-term issues should work with a medical professional for treatment.

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