What Are the Food Sources of Vitamin B?


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Food sources of vitamin B6 include beans, fish, fortified cereals, dark leafy greens, and oranges. Vitamin B12 is commonly found in animal products, enriched soy milk, and fortified cereals. Many foods contain vitamin B9, but whole grains, beans, and fruits are rich sources.

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Most adults should aim to consume 400 milligrams of vitamin B9, also known as folate. Those who drink alcohol regularly should consume around 600 milligrams, and pregnant women may want to take a supplement to avoid spina bifida in their children. Folate is used for basic bodily functions, including building DNA to converting amino acids. Natural sources of folate are vegetables, fruits, and whole grain or cereal products. Most grain products are fortified with B9.

Vitamin B6 should be limited to 100 milligrams a day in adults to avoid nerve damage, but the vitamin protects against colon cancer and cardiovascular disease. Adults need around 2.4 micrograms of vitamin B12 daily, but no upper limit is set. Vitamin B12 is naturally found in animal products and enriched grains, and most individuals consume plenty of the nutrient daily. Rather, deficiencies in vitamin B12 often stem from absorption problems stemming from low stomach acid production or a lack of binding factors.

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