What Food Should a Person With Gastroparesis Eat?


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A person with gastroparesis should eat foods that are limited in fat, such as low-fat yogurt, low-fat cheese, breads and cereals, according to Arizona Digestive Health. In addition, he must take liquids that are easily digestible, including soft drinks, non-fat dairy drinks and sports drinks.

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Gastroparesis refers to a condition that largely reduces or, in extreme cases, eliminates the stomach's ability to digest food adequately and channel it across the digestive tract, as explained by Arizona Digestive Health. Since the magnitude of gastroparesis differs among people, the diet has three levels to cater to diverse needs. Stage 1 is the liquid stage, and a person at this stage is required to feed on easily digestible liquids, such as fruit nectar and fruit juices and lemonade. In addition, liquid nutritional supplements, including Ensure or Boost, are recommended.

Stage 2 is the limited diet, and a person classified at this level is advised to consume low-residue and low-fat foods, explains Arizona Digestive Health. Fat intake is recommended but should not exceed 40 grams per day. The person's diet may include canned fruits without skin, hard candies, puddings and custards made with skim milk. Stage 3 is the maintenance diet and is intended to curb gastroparesis long term. This level recommends all the foods in stage 2 plus fibrous products and limited fat. The diet may include cream of wheat, pasta, eggs, poultry and fish.

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