What Food Should You Eat As a Pre-Diabetic?


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Prediabetic individuals should eat more broiled foods and fewer fried foods, according to Joslin Diabetes Center. They should eat more fish and chicken, and choose lean beef cuts. It is also essential to eat meatless meals more often and consume more vegetables, fruits and starches instead of meat.

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A prediabetic person should focus on reducing the amount of foods in her diet and achieve a healthy weight, notes Joslin Diabetes Center. A registered dietitian can suggest the type and quantity of foods suited for prediabetics. A dietitian can also make suggestions on how a person can make the right food choices to decrease fat intake, as each gram of fat contains more calories than a gram of protein or carbohydrate.

A prediabetic individual can still eat the foods she typically eats, only in smaller proportions, explains Joslin Diabetes Center. It is important to control portion size in each meal in order to lose weight. Being prediabetic does not mean that a person cannot eat particular foods. Plan meals carefully instead of completely avoiding foods with sugar content. It is also important to minimize the use of butter in cooking.

Starting a physical fitness program is highly suggested for prediabetics, especially those who are often inactive, says Joslin Diabetes Center. Regular exercise helps the body efficiently convert food into energy, thus keeping the blood glucose low.

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