What Is the Food Pyramid?


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The food guide pyramid is a well-known illustrative diet and nutrition guide developed in 1992. It was intended to aid the American public in making healthy food choices based on a pyramid hierarchy that places the most predominant foods, such as bread, rice, pasta and cereal, at the bottom of the pyramid and the least recommended foods, such as fats, oils and sweets, at the top.

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According to WebMD, the U.S. Department of Agriculture replaced the food guide pyramid in 2011 with the MyPlate program, which is considered to be a similar but more simplified dietary guideline than the food pyramid. The MyPlate icon illustrates four colorful food sections on a plate with a blue side of dairy. On the plate, the green section is the largest, and it represents vegetables. The orange section is the second largest, and it represents grains. The purple section is the third largest, and it represents protein. The final and smallest red section represents fruits. This differs from the food pyramid because it exchanges the old main section of carbohydrates for vegetables. Wikipedia explains that this decision was based on increasing scientific evidence that suggested that the old food pyramid was outdated and not medically sound.

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