How Does Food Preparation Increase Triglycerides?


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Allowing meats to cook in their own grease and stuffing them with cheese, bacon and other high-fat ingredients are just two preparation methods that increase triglycerides, according to SFGate. Triglycerides are a sort of fat that can cause narrowing in the arteries, elevating stroke and heart attack risk.

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How Does Food Preparation Increase Triglycerides?
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Instead of letting meat cook in grease, placing it on an oven rack over a sheet of foil or a pan allows the fat to drip away as it melts. Flavor can come from spices rather than the fat attached to the meat. Cream sauces and gravies also add significant levels of fat to dishes, reports SFGate.

Choosing lean cuts of meat also helps to reduce triglycerides. The "loin" and "round" cuts of beef and "loin" cuts of pork are the leanest. Trimming visible fat away before cooking is another way to cut triglycerides. Using roasting and grilling lets fat melt away rather than aggregating, notes SFGate.

Poultry such as turkey and chicken naturally have less fat than red meat, and boneless turkey cutlets and chicken breasts are the leanest of all. Removing skin gets rid of another layer of fat, and broiling, roasting and grilling leave less fat than sauteing or frying do, as stated by SFGate.

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