How Do You Follow the Sacred Heart Diet?


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The Sacred Heart Diet is a soup-based diet that gives people a seven-day jump start on weight loss. Prescribed food on the first day includes the soup plus any fruit other than bananas. Each of the other days includes specific, restrictive dietary options.

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The diet is built around a cabbage soup recipe. This recipe varies from source to source but most typically consists of stewed tomatoes, green onions, fat-free beef broth, chicken noodle soup mix, celery, green beans, carrots and green peppers. The soup can be consumed in any quantity at any time. Besides water, the dieter may drink coffee, cranberry juice, tea, unsweetened juice or skim milk.

For the second day, the diet prescribes only vegetables during the day, then the soup along with a baked potato with butter for dinner. Day three options include fruit, other than bananas, and vegetables. During day four, the dieter eats three bananas and drinks as much skim milk as possible. Day five calls for the consumption of 10 to 20 ounces of beef and as many as six tomatoes. Day six entails as much beef and vegetables, preferably green, leafy varieties, as desired. Finally, for day seven, the diet consists of brown rice, unsweetened fruit juice, vegetables and the soup.

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