How Do You Follow the General Motors Diet?


The General Motors diet is followed by consuming certain foods on certain days of the diet, which lasts for seven days. It was designed for General Motors employees and their dependents and is designed to allow the dieter to lose anywhere from 10 to 17 pounds within the one-week time frame.

During the first day of the General Motors diet, it is recommended that only fruits be consumed. It is recommended that copious amounts of cantaloupe and watermelon be included in the day. Day two has the dieter consuming only raw or cooked vegetables. The goal is to consume adequate amounts of fiber as well as getting adequate nutrition. It is not recommended that foods be flavored with excessive spices or contain high amounts of salt. Starting on day three, dieters are allowed to eat both fruits and vegetables. During day four, the dieter is asked to consume foods that replenish the body's electrolytes. Day five lets the dieter incorporate lean proteins to replenish the body with iron and protein stores. The intake of water is emphasized on this day as well in order to flush uric acid from the body. More lean proteins can be consumed on day six, along with the intake of fruits and vegetables. The final day consists of grains, fruit juices and vegetables.