How Does Flush Fat Fast Work?


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Flush fat fast is a body-fat-ridding plan devised by Dr. Oz for quick results. According to Dr. Oz’s website, the main fat-burning component of this plan is Litramine. After Litramine, Dr. Oz suggests other foods and ingredients to burn fat quickly, including garlic green tea, vitamin C and vinegar.

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How Does Flush Fat Fast Work?
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The key supplement that Dr. Oz recommends primarily on his website is Litramine. The ingredient is reputed to rid the body of fat through bowel movements. Dr. Oz suggests 3 grams of 100-percent Litramine daily, taking 1 gram after each meal for 12 weeks. Litramine contains fiber from the Acacia plant and has been found in studies to help those who are overweight lose 5 percent of their body fat over a 12-week period.

Green tea with garlic is another remedy suggested by Dr. Oz. The garlic, he claims, helps to regulate blood sugar, and the green tea to block fat. Two-to-three whole peeled garlic cloves are recommended for the mixture, steeped in the tea for three-to-five minutes and then scooped out. The tea should be consumed after breakfast or lunch.

Vitamin C is another suggested component, with Dr. Oz attributing vitamin C deficiency to a lower fat burn. He advocates 75 milligrams of vitamin C daily to burn fat. Vitamin C can come through 1 cup of papaya, strawberries or broccoli. Dr. Oz indicates that two kiwis, grapefruits or oranges also satisfy the requirement. Dr. Oz lastly recommends finishing off every meal with 2 tablespoons of white vinegar. The white vinegar helps to prevent body fat from accumulating, especially after a person ingests carbs and sugars.

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