What Is Flupentixol Used For?


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MedicineNet explains that flupentixol is used to treat patients suffering from schizophrenia. The United Kingdom's National Health Service states that flupentixol interacts with the brain's chemical system to treat schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders.

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The NHS goes on to explain that flupentixol is not suitable for children suffering from schizophrenia. The drug has dozens of side effects that are potentially dangerous to the patient. The medication increases sun sensitivity and can cause those with hypothyroidism to develop hypothermia. Flupentixol users need to wear sunscreen or protective clothing when taking the medication.

MedicineNet advises patients taking flupentixol to avoid driving, drinking alcohol or taking more than the prescribed dosage because the medication can cause drowsiness. Common side effects include vision changes, dry mouth, restlessness, loss of balance, skin rash, inability to speak and unexplained bruising. Patients need to verify that their current prescriptions positively interact with flupentixol.

It's best for pregnant women to avoid flupentixol if possible. The NHS explains that the medication can interfere with fetal development. If the medication is taken during the late stages of pregnancy, the baby may suffer from withdrawal symptoms and must be monitored by a physician. The medication is transmitted in the breast milk and can cause unwanted side effects in the infant.

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