What Is Fluocinonide Used For?


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Fluocinonide is a topical steroid used in the treatment of skin conditions, such as eczema, dermatitis, allergies, psoriasis and rashes, explains WebMD. Fluocinonide is a strong corticosteroid and should only be used as directed by the doctor or per the packaging instructions.

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Fluocinonide works by reducing the action of chemicals in the body that produce inflammation, itching and redness. It is a water-soluble emollient that softens and moisturizes the skin thereby reducing itching and flaking, explains WebMD. In addition, it helps to protect the skin against further irritation. When using, only apply fluocinonide to dry skin, taking care to avoid contact with the face, groin and underarms, unless otherwise directed by a doctor. Contact with the eyes may worsen or cause glaucoma. Fluocinonide is generally applied two to four times daily, and if the condition worsens after two weeks, WebMD recommends contacting a doctor.

Since fluocinonide is a topical steroid, it can be absorbed through the skin and therefore may cause side effect consistent with steroid use, according to Drugs.com. Bandaging areas that have been treated with fluocinonide is not recommended. Doing so may increase the amount of the drug that is absorbed through the skin, leading to unwanted side effects.

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