How Do You Floss Your Teeth?


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Floss your teeth by winding 18 inches of floss around your middle fingers and carefully guiding it between your teeth using your thumbs and index fingers. Gripping the floss tightly, slide it back and forth between your teeth, and repeat until your gum line is clean.

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  1. Wrap floss around your middle fingers

    Wind about 18 inches of floss around your middle fingers. Wrap most of the floss around each finger, leaving 2 inches of floss between them.

  2. Hold the ends of the floss

    Tightly hold both ends of the floss using your thumb and forefinger.

  3. Slide the floss between each tooth

    Using a back-and-forth motion, gently slide the floss between each tooth towards the gum line. To avoid cutting, don't force the floss directly against the gum line.

  4. Slide the floss between your teeth and gum line

    Slowly pull the floss towards a tooth. Carefully slide the floss between the tooth and gum line using the same back-and-forth motion. Repeat the process on the opposite tooth.

  5. Slide the floss away from the teeth

    Moving from the gum line upwards, gently slide the floss back and forth between each tooth until the floss is free.

  6. Rewind the floss

    Prepare for the next set of teeth by winding the floss to a clean segment. Continue flossing until your entire gum line is clean.

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