How Do You Floss With Braces?

How Do You Floss With Braces?

To floss with braces, use at least 18 inches of waxed floss and thread the floss over the wire, then between the teeth. Floss slowly and carefully, then remove the floss and rethread it between the next pair of teeth. Alternatively, use a floss threader.

  1. Measure 18 inches of waxed floss

    It’s important to use waxed floss, as unwaxed floss can shred and get caught in your braces. Dental tape is a stronger alternative to floss, fits easily between teeth and is less likely to break. Use at least 18 inches of floss to allow enough room to hold and work with the floss.

  2. Thread the floss

    Hold one end of the floss and gently thread it over and behind the wire. Wrap the end of the floss around your index finger, and do the same with the other end and your other index finger. Gently move the floss back and forth between the teeth and up to the gum line. Remove the floss and rethread between the rest of the teeth.

  3. Use a floss threader

    Use an orthodontic floss threader to make the job easier. Floss threaders have a stiff end to make threading the floss simpler. Thread the floss over the wire and between the teeth, and floss as usual.