How Does Flomax Work?


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According to MedlinePlus, Flomax treats a urine flow problem by relaxing bladder and prostate muscles that constrict the urine stream. Flomax, a brand name for "tamsulosin," is prescribed for urinary issues in men with enlarged prostates, Medline reports.

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According to WebMD, symptoms that are improved by Flomax include trouble initiating urination, insubstantial flow and an urge to urinate that occurs suddenly or frequently. MedlinePlus indicates that Flomax is taken orally in capsule form, typically once a day after a meal. In addition, doctors initially prescribe low doses and increase the strength only if, after two to four weeks, symptoms are not satisfactorily relieved, according to MedlinePlus. Urinary problems are improved but not cured by Flomax, so MedlinePlus warns that, unless otherwise directed by a doctor, the medicine must be continued even if symptoms cease.

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