Does Flomax Help a Person Pass Kidney Stones?


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Flomax helps the body to pass kidney stones, according to WebMD. The medication relaxes the muscles of the urinary tract to allow the stone to move for elimination through urination. While it is normally prescribed for treatment of an enlarged prostate, it is useful for both men and women with kidney stones.

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The National Institutes of Health describe a kidney stone as solid materials forming in the kidney due to higher than normal concentrations of substances found in urine. Some stones remain in the kidney while others pass through the urinary tract. Small stones often pass through unnoticed. However, larger stones often get stuck, causing bleeding and pain.

Although stones form in all types of people, non-Hispanic whites are more likely to form stones than African-Americans or individuals of Hispanic descent, according to the NIH. In addition, stone formation is more common in men than in women. Stones are more common in people who are over their ideal weight. In the United States, 8.8 percent of the population experiences a kidney stone.

Kidney stones vary in size from the size of a grain of sand to the size of a golf ball. Larger stones often require use of shock wave lithotripsy. The procedure uses sound waves to break the large stone into smaller parts that the body eliminates through the urinary tract. The NIH recommends dietary changes to reduce the formation of more stones.

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