How Do You Flirt Online?


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Flirt online by communicating casually as if speaking in person, using sincere compliments and showcasing your sense of humor. Use emoticons and flirtatious punctuation, such winks and smiles.

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Use every part of the communication to flirt. In an email, avoid "Hi" or other boring greetings. Instead, try something attention-grabbing. "Where have you been all my life?" or "Hello, my perfect match!" convey enthusiasm and excitement. Close with a statement of anticipation of further communication, such as "Until tomorrow," or "Looking forward to your always-witty reply."

While good writing skills are helpful, flirting online should be more casual than an email to a colleague. Write as if speaking in person. The tone of text, especially humor and flirtation, is sometimes difficult to interpret, so use text emoticons, abbreviations, emojis and onomatopoeias, such as "haha," to add tone to texts and emails. This is especially important when using sarcasm, which may be misinterpreted as aggression or insults without verbal cues.

Send links to articles online that the recipient may find interesting or funny with a message such as "This made me think of you" or "I thought you might like this." Send these randomly, but not so often that they might become tiresome.

Everyone loves a sincere compliment, but it's best to focus on complimenting personality traits, accomplishments, or decisions rather than physical traits over which the person has no control.

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