How Are Flexon Marchon Frames Adjusted?


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Adjust Flexon Marchon frames by tweaking the screws of the nose pad and altering the position of the lens in an upward or downward direction at the joints using fingers or needle-nosed pliers. Adjusting the arms of the spectacles ensures they sit evenly on the ears.

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To adjust the nose pad screws on Flexon Marchon glasses, first wear the pair, and stand in front of a mirror. Bend the nose pad so it sits snugly over the nose. To do this, take the pad out by removing its screws using a small screwdriver, and then make the required adjustments. Avoid bending the nose pad excessively.

To adjust the eyeglasses, stand in front of a mirror again, and position the lenses so they sit directly over the pupils. Note whether the adjustment should be made upward or downward. Accordingly, hold the glasses firmly at the joints, and adjust. To ensure the glasses rest evenly on the ears, lower one arm of the glasses, and raise the other at the temple's tip on either side.

After the adjustment, the lens' center should be positioned right over the pupils, and the piece should rest comfortably on the ears. Do not adjust Flexon Marchon glasses at the temple's shaft or at the nose bridge.

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