What Do Flea Bites Look Like?

Flea bites are small, red and round, explains Healthline. They do not increase in size like mosquito bites, and they often occur in groups of three or four, arranged in a straight line. Common sites for flea bites include the ankles, legs, armpits, breasts and groin.

Flea bites are typically very itchy and the skin around them may become sore or painful, according to Healthline. People sometimes develop rashes near the bite site, and those who itch excessively may find their flea bites becoming infected. Signs of a skin infection include white-topped blisters and a rash; anyone with these symptoms should see a doctor. Flea bites typically go away on their own, and people are advised to use anti-itch creams and antihistamine medications to keep the itching under control while the bites heal.

To prevent flea bites from recurring, people must rid their homes and pets of fleas, notes Healthline. If a do-it-yourself home flea treatment does not work, call a licensed exterminator to apply pesticides to kill the fleas. Pulling back the fur at the base of an infested pet's neck often allows the owner to spot fleas, which are about the size of a pen tip and black in color. Treating the pet for fleas is also essential for avoiding future flea bites.