Is a Flaxseed Oil 1000mg Dosage More or Less Beneficial Than Raw Flaxseed?


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Taking a flaxseed oil 1000mg dosage is less beneficial than consuming raw flaxseed because the former is a concentrated source of alpha-linoleic acid, which has been linked to increased risk of prostate cancer. Moreover, flaxseed oil does not contain associated beneficial ingredients such as fiber and lignan, says HealthCastle.

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Flaxseed oil 1000mg capsules contain high alpha-linoleic acid levels that help maintain cardiovascular health and confer other health benefits, states Natural Health World. But, the high levels of this omega-3 fatty acid have also been associated with higher risk of prostate cancer in men. Since flaxseed has lower amounts of alpha-linoleic acid, it presents a safer option, explains HealthCastle.

In addition, flaxseed oil pills lack the fiber and lignan content that are present in raw flaxseed. Lignan is an antioxidant phytoestrogen that has shown promise against breast cancer. Since fiber and lignan possess anti-cancer and antioxidant properties, it makes consuming raw flaxseeds more beneficial, reports HealthCastle.

Also, with flaxseed oil pills there is no certainty of the source, whether it has come from a natural or genetically engineered plant. Since genetically engineered foods are not good for human consumption, it is better to consume organic raw flaxseeds, says Global Healing Center.

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