What Flavors Are Offered for the Barium Swallow Procedure?


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Barium swallow procedures offer liquid barium with strawberry or chocolate flavoring, according to RadiologyInfo.org. Without added flavoring, liquid barium has an unpleasant, chalky taste. Some patients have difficulty swallowing barium due to its thick consistency.

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A barium swallow procedure is an X-ray and fluoroscopic examination of the throat and esophagus, explains Lahey Hospital & Medical Center. The patient drinks barium contrast dye, which coats and outlines the throat and esophagus to provide better delineation for X-ray imaging.

Barium procedures require no special preparation and generally take about 30 minutes, notes Lahey Hospital & Medical Center. Patients can resume normal daily activities immediately following the procedure. Barium ingestion can cause white or gray stools for a few days; this is normal and no cause for concern. In rare cases, patients experience constipation.

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