How Do You Get a Flat Stomach?

How Do You Get a Flat Stomach?

To get a flat stomach, commit to a "clean" diet consisting mostly of lean proteins, fruits, vegetables and nuts, and use a series of exercises that engage the abdominal muscles. Simply doing crunches is not enough; a combination of muscles as well as diet determine your stomach's shape.

  1. Fill your pantry and refrigerator with clean food

    Get rid of as much processed food as you can. Typically, items you find on the center aisles of a grocery store or the ones that come in boxes or prepackaged bags are processed foods. Focus on fresh, lean protein sources ranging from chicken and fish to yogurt, as well as fruits, vegetables and nuts. Eliminate unnecessary starches and fats from processed foods to see your stomach flatten.

  2. Start with the plank

    Try the plank if you are a beginner to core workouts. Lie down on your stomach, and elevate yourself up to rest on your toes and elbows. Hold this position for up to one minute at a time, maintaining a straight line from shoulders to toes. Do not allow your back to sag downward, and do not push your bottom upward to make the exercise easier.

  3. Engage in other exercises that engage the core

    Try some more advanced core exercises, including the standing side crunch. Stand on your right leg, extending your right arm straight out from your shoulder, lifting your left foot a couple of inches off the floor and dangling it to one side. Put your left hand behind your head, bending the elbow out to the side, and bring the left knee up to the left elbow. Repeat 15 times, and switch sides.