How Do You Get a Flat Stomach After Pregnancy?


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According to BabyCenter.com, many women still look pregnant even after giving birth due to a swollen stomach, still-enlarged uterus and extra fat put on during pregnancy. To get back to a flat stomach, it takes time and commitment to healthy exercise and dieting.

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  1. Be patient

    It can take months for a woman's stomach to shrink and tighten back to its normal size after giving birth. Sometimes, the extra fat does not entirely go away. A woman's body size, the amount of weight she gained during her pregnancy, her level of physical activity and her genes all affect how long it takes for her stomach to start shrinking.

  2. Breastfeed

    Breastfeeding helps with weight loss after pregnancy because it burns calories and triggers contractions that shrink the uterus.

  3. Exercise regularly

    Regular exercise burns calories and helps weight loss. The most effective exercises for toning the stomach are rigorous routines that combine cardiovascular training and strength-training exercises that focus on the abdomen. Taking regular walks or taking exercise classes, like yoga, can also help burn calories.

  4. Eat healthy foods

    Eliminating empty calories from your diet while adding in more nutritious foods is a healthy and effective dieting strategy. Avoid extreme dieting, as it is unhealthy and can negatively affect breastfeeding and cause fatigue.

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