How Do You Get a Flat Belly?

How Do You Get a Flat Belly?

A flat belly, according to Jillian Michaels and Prevention, can be achieved by modifying the diet, adding cardio and fat-burning exercises and implementing strength training exercises for the stomach. When people attempt to achieve a flat belly through stomach exercises alone, they will end up discouraged as the muscles will not be seen through the fat that they have not yet shed.

The following steps will help people achieve the svelte flat stomach of their dreams:

Step 1: Modify diet

To see a flat stomach, the fat hiding the muscles has to be eliminated. All processed foods, such as microwave dinners, candy bars, fast food and tortilla chips, must be removed from the diet, according to health and wellness expert Jillian Michaels.

Step 2: Add cardio and fat-burning exercises

Prevention stresses the importance of burning belly fat by performing aerobic training, such as running, biking, basketball and swimming. Even walking, though not an intense cardio activity, can help shed the pounds if done consistently over long distances.

Step 3: Incorporate strength training for the stomach

It is important to find strength training exercises that specifically target the stomach or several muscle groups along with the stomach. One of the best strength training exercises to incorporate is the ball exchange, says Health expert LaReine Chabut. It strengthens more than the stomach as it also works the back muscles and the chest muscles.