How Do You Get Flat Abs?


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To get flat abs, improve your sleeping habits, modify your diet, reduce your stress levels and perform cardiovascular exercise for at least one hour daily. Maintain these habits on a long-term basis.

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  1. Change your sleep habits

    Getting too little or too much sleep promotes weight gain. Follow a consistent sleeping and waking schedule, and try to get seven hours of sleep each night.

  2. Modify your diet

    Eat three meals each day at the same time. Make meals with fruits, vegetables, lean meats, fish, whole grains and fiber-rich foods. Try to keep snacking at a minimum, and avoid eating dairy, fatty meats, starches and sugars. Only eat when you are legitimately hungry, and drink plenty of water to fill your belly.

  3. Reduce stress

    Stress can cause you to gain weight. Talk to a professional counselor if you are experiencing more stress than usual. Take time out of your day to do things that relax you, such as meditating or going for a walk.

  4. Stay active

    Find time to do at least one hour of exercise each day. Cardiovascular exercise is ideal for shedding pounds fast, and strength training can help you to tighten up your muscles. Consider hiring a professional trainer if you are not sure how to get started.

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