How Do You Fix a Trigger Finger Without Surgery?

The first step in treating a trigger finger without surgery is to rest it, according to WebMD. A doctor may place a splint on the finger to immobilize it.

If resting the finger does not help the trigger finger, the next step is to take medications that fight inflammation, states WebMD. Naproxen and ibuprofen are commonly prescribed for this condition. If medication and rest do not work, a doctor may recommend a steroid injection directly into the sheath of the tendon. After this attempt at treatment, only surgery fixes the problem.

If surgery is needed, some patients are awake for the surgery as the doctor needs feedback to ensure the treatment is successful, reports MedlinePlus. It is a very simple procedure, and recovery from surgery only takes a couple of weeks.

Properly treating trigger finger may take several weeks or even months, depending on the severity and type of treatment, explains WebMD. For example, a doctor may ask his patient to wear a splint and rest the finger for six weeks before attempting any other treatment. He may also ask the patient to combine rest with anti-inflammatory drugs to speed treatment. Most patients recover in a few weeks by following the orders of the doctor.