How Do You Fix Low Blood Pressure?

fix-low-blood-pressure Credit: Hero Images/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Although low blood pressure that causes no or only mild symptoms may not require treatment, when treatment is required, it is based on the cause of the hypotension. For example, if low blood pressure is caused by medication, then adjusting the dose may be necessary, according to Mayo Clinic.

Treating an underlying medical problem that causes low blood pressure may cause a reduction in symptoms in some cases of hypotension. Hypothyroidism, diabetes and heart failure are all conditions that may cause a marked decrease in blood pressure, according to Mayo Clinic.

Sometimes there is no clear indicator of why blood pressure is lower than normal. In these cases, treatment may involve raising the blood pressure artificially, according to Mayo Clinic. This can be done in a variety of ways depending on one's health status, age and other factors. A doctor may recommended adding more salt in the diet, although this is typically not safe for older adults, since excess sodium intake can trigger heart failure. Staying hydrated by increasing fluid intake can also help in the treatment of hypotension. Additionally, medications such as fludrocortisone can be used to raise blood pressure by restricting the blood vessels ability to expand, which, in turn, increases blood volume.