How Do You Fix a Loose Tooth?

fix-loose-tooth Credit: DragonImages/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

A loose tooth is treated by a dentist using splints, antibiotics, a mouth guard or extraction, explains Advanced Dental Care of Austin. Some loose teeth can be stabilized and treated, but some cannot be saved. Loose teeth usually result from oral trauma, grinding the teeth and gum disease.

The first step in strengthening a loose tooth is splinting it to stabilize it, according to Advanced Dental Care of Austin. The dentist places small splints on both sides of the tooth and bonds them to surrounding teeth. These splints are worn for two weeks and give the ligaments around the tooth time to heal. For a loose tooth caused by nighttime grinding of the teeth, a patient wears a special mouth guard that doesn't allow the jaw to clench, Advanced Dental Care of Austin explains. The teeth glide along the smooth guard during grinding, and the teeth's ligaments are not stretched or injured.

Treating loose teeth caused by gum disease requires several deep cleanings, states Advanced Dental Care of Austin. Dental scaling and root planing follow the cleanings to clear debris from beneath the gumline, and then antibiotics and other medications are used. A loose tooth that cannot be saved is extracted, and the space is filled by an implant or a bridge.