How Do You Fix a Hyperextended Knee?


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A hyperextended knee may require physical therapy to restore strength and stability, or it may require surgical repair, depending on the severity of the damage, explains Mayo Clinic. Tendon and ligament strains benefit from rest, elevation and ice, and sometimes compression is recommended, says eMedicineHealth.

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Approaches to fixing a hyperextended knee depend on the specific damage that occurs in the ligaments, tendons and muscles of the joint, according to eMedicineHealth. A hyperextension stretches or tears the hamstring muscles, and treatment for this is usually exercise, time and perhaps physical therapy. There are several cruciate ligaments in the knee, and damage to these may require a knee splint to keep the joint stable, or surgery and long-term physical therapy.

The strongest ligament in the knee is the posterior cruciate ligament, which is most often damaged by hyperextension, notes MedlinePlus. This can happen after an awkward landing from a jump or from a direct blow to the knee. When this ligament is damaged, age is a factor in treatment. Younger patients require surgery more often to avoid arthritis symptoms years later. Many people do well without surgery, but when multiple ligaments are injured, or if the bone is pulled off with the ligament, surgery is necessary.

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