How Do You Fix a Chipped Tooth at Home?

It is possible to fix a chipped tooth at home by using either wax paraffin or a temporary filling kit. However, these are temporary fixes because a chipped or broken tooth requires a dentist visit for repair or treatment. Depending on the exact size and location of the chip, it may require either a filling or bonding procedure, states WebMD.

If a small piece of enamel is piecing from the tooth's edge, then placing wax paraffin to cover the chip is one at home fix, as noted by Dr. Sharon Albright D.D.S. This can avoid the jagged piece of enamel from irritating either the tongue or lip area if it is a front chipped tooth.

There are also temporary filling kits sold at pharmacies, which can help if it is a badly chipped or broken tooth. These kits can contain two putty materials that can require mixing before placing it on the tooth, as stated by Columbia Health's Go Ask Alice.

Although these fixes may help temporarily, it is important to see a dentist as soon as possible to take care of this dental problem. If the chip is small and on a front tooth, then a bonding procedure is a treatment option. A filling may be necessary for a chipped tooth in another location of the mouth. A badly broken or chipped tooth can require more extensive dental work, such as a cap or crown, notes WebMD. Taking care of chipped or fractured teeth can avoid dental problems, such as infections and tooth nerve damage.