How Do I Fix a Broken Tailbone?

WebMD reports that broken tailbones typically heal on their own and are treated at home. The goal of these home remedies is to relieve pain and discomfort, and a physician may prescribe prescription medication to manage symptoms. In rare and serious cases, the tailbone, or coccyx, is surgically removed.

According to WebMD, broken tailbones are slow to heal, and their location makes avoiding pain more difficult. Throughout the healing period, a person needs to avoid sitting for long periods of time and alternate the side of the buttocks on which he sits. Leaning forward also helps place weight on the front of the buttocks instead of the tailbone. Some people suffering from a broken tailbone purchase a pillow with a hole in the center so that the tailbone does not contact the chair. Icing the injury alleviates swelling and discomfort, and a person can apply an ice pack up to four times a day for the first few days following the injury.

Over-the-counter NSAIDs provide relief for mild to moderate pain, and for severe pain, WebMD reports that a physician may prescribe stronger pain medications or inject anesthetics into the tailbone. Avoiding constipation is another consideration when treating a broken tailbone. An affected person needs to eat a diet high in fiber or consider taking a stool softener to keep stools regular and avoid constipation.