How Do You Fix a Broken Nose?


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Manual realignment or surgery is used to treat a broken nose, according to Mayo Clinic. Before seeing the doctor, acting quickly by using ice, relieving pain with over-the-counter pain relievers and elevating the head are important for healing.

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A broken nose is ideally treated within 14 days of the incident, according to Mayo Clinic. A doctor may be able to realign displaced bones and cartilage in a broken nose. A medication via a nasal spray or injection is first applied to relieve pain, and a nasal speculum is used to open the nostrils. Instruments are then used to realign the broken bones and cartilage. The broken nose is then packed, and a dressing is applied on the outside for a week. If necessary, an internal splint is sometimes used. Antibiotics are also often given to prevent the bacteria that naturally exists in the nose from causing infection.

Surgery may be required for a severe broken nose, breaks that have been untreated for more than 14 days or a nose that is broken in multiple places, according to Mayo Clinic. Manual realignment is not effective for these cases, and surgery must be used to realign bones in the nose. Reconstructive surgery is used to treat breaks that cause difficulty breathing by damaging the nasal septum.

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