How Do You Fix Bad Posture?


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Depending on the cause of poor posture, Today.com recommends sitting straight up with one's back fully pressed against the support of a chair with the feet flat on the ground and the chin gently tucked inward. People must also avoid leaning forward or looking down while working at a computer.

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Today.com suggests properly positioning a workstation computer screen so that it sits at the exact level of the eyes and doesn't require the neck to contort to view the display. Laptop screens should be replaced by larger external monitors in the same manner so that people are not prompted to hunch forward with their heads pointed downward.

Desktop telephones are also responsible for poor posture, because people often lean their heads to one side to prop the phone between their ear and shoulder, according to National Health Service. To avoid this, Today.com recommends using a headset microphone to conduct phone calls and maintain appropriate posture when seated. Wireless headsets allow a person to get up and walk around while speaking. It's also helpful to invest in a good lumbar pillow to keep at work so that the lower back remains supported. People should stand from their chairs and stretch frequently and engage in core exercises to strengthen the abdominal and back muscles, which support good posture.

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