What Are the Five Warning Signs of a Stroke?


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The five warning signs of a stroke occur suddenly and include numbness in the body or on one side of the body, confusion or difficulty talking, difficulty seeing, difficulty walking or balancing while standing and a quick headache, reports the National Stroke Association. Strokes occur quickly and without warning so if someone believes that they may be having a stroke, then they should be taken to the hospital immediately for evaluation.

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What Are the Five Warning Signs of a Stroke?
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When a stroke occurs, a brain vessel snaps and ruptures or becomes blocked, reports the American Stroke Association. Time is crucial when it comes to recovering from a stroke, and Weiss Hospital urges people to make their way to a hospital within the first 3 hours. After the first 3 hours, the ability to reverse damage or even simply reduce the amount of damage to the brain is severely hampered.

Most strokes can be prevented by working to eliminate the most common risk factors, which are smoking tobacco, atrial fibrillation, high blood pressure and a lack of activity. New medical advances and clinical trials are ongoing for strokes because it is such as life-altering and life-threatening condition. When stroke patients are treated in time, they are often able to recover fully or recover to an almost perfect version of themselves. However, when the treatment is too late, stroke patients will lose parts of their brain that control vital functions, such as memory and speech.

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