What Are the Five Stages of Grief During a Divorce?


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The five emotional stages that typically follow a traumatic event such as divorce include denial, anger and resentment, bargaining, depression and acceptance. People do not move smoothly form one stage to the next, nor is each stage necessarily equal in length and intensity, as noted by The Huffington Post.

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The denial stage as a psychological mechanism designed to protect a person from overwhelming emotion. Denial can be an effective means of coping for a limited period of time. The resentment phase is the point when a divorcee may wonder what she has done to deserve the divorce, attempt to assign blame or express how unfair the process has been.

The bargaining stage is the point at which a person may try to repair or reverse the effects of the divorce, often by attempting to win back her spouse, reports The Huffington Post. This stage often involves reminiscing over memories of one's spouse and longing to return to an idealized past. Next comes the depression stage, which often includes a feeling of debilitating sadness. Finally, in the acceptance stage, a person comes to terms with the reality of the situation and begins to formulate a plan to move forward in life.

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