What Are Five Facts About Morphine?

five-morphine Credit: Eric Norris/Flickr/CC-BY-2.0

WebMD provides some interesting facts about morphine. This drug is a very strong pain medication. It is taken orally, intravenously or by injection. Morphine has a high risk for abuse. In some instances, it causes severe or even fatal breathing problems. Users sometimes experience withdrawal reactions.

WebMD explains that Morphine is a powerful narcotic, classed as an opiate. It is used to treat severe pain, which it eases by working on certain nerve centers of the brain. Morphine is taken orally in a pill form. It is also injected under the skin or into a vein or muscle. Patients sometimes receive morphine intravenously through what is called a morphine drip. Morphine is highly addictive and carries a high risk for abuse. It is sometimes abused recreationally.

WebMD warns that one of the risks of taking morphine is severe breathing problems that are sometimes fatal. The risk increases if the wrong dose is used or if morphine is used in combination with other drugs that also affect breathing. The risk is higher after a dose increase or after first starting the medication.

WebMD further cautions that because of the way it works on the brain, morphine sometimes causes withdrawal symptoms when a person ceases taking it. Withdrawal reactions are more common if the individual has been using for a long time or taking high doses. Symptoms include sweating, restlessness, widened pupils, watery eyes and runny nose. Reducing the dosage gradually minimizes these reactions.