What Are Five Gluten-Free Snacks?

Five gluten-free snacks include gluten-free versions of brownies, crackers, cereal, pretzels and cookies. BBC Good Food recommends spiced sweet potato wedges, apple crisps, squash wedges, spicy chickpeas, and sunflower and pumpkin seed nibbles.

French Meadow Bakery Gluten-Free Fudge Brownies are a great snack and come individually wrapped, convenient for people who are also trying to watch their calorie intake, says Real Simple. Crackers might also be a good snack in order to calm the stomach or just to eat as a holdover before dinner. In that case, there are Crunchmaster Multi-Seed Crackers that come in a variety of flavors, according to that company. Back to Nature Multi-Seed Crackers are another brand of cracker that is also gluten-free.

Many types of cereals are now made gluten-free, reports Real Simple. Nature's Path, Kay's Naturals, Van's Natural Foods, and Chex are all cereal brands that are gluten-free. Kim and Scott's Gourmet Gluten-Free Soft Pretzels are ready-to-bake and are soft and gooey, with just the right amount of salt. Glutino Gluten-Free Pretzel Twists are another option. Lucy's makes gluten-free cookies, as does an organization named Harry and David. Mrs. Fields, Wolferman, Amy's, Andean Dream, Kinnikinnick, Pamela's Products, Aleia's, Ginnybakes and 1-2-3 are all brands of gluten-free cookie products that are on the market.