What Are Five Foods You Should Never Eat If You Want to Lose Weight?

Five foods to avoid in order to lose weight include desserts, snack foods, butter spread, salad dressing and breakfast foods, such as sausage and bacon, explains the San Francisco Chronicle. These foods supply large amounts of calories, so portion control aids in cutting down the excess calories that could otherwise cause weight gain.

These foods are high in fats, which provide twice the calories of proteins or sugars. Two sausages supply 165 calories, while bacon provides 120 calories, resulting in increased weight. One ounce of peanuts has 165 calories, while one ounce of potato chips has 150 calories. The consumption of these foods should be controlled in order to limit the excess calories

Dressing healthy foods with creamy fattening toppings upsets a weight-loss plan, notes the San Francisco Chronicle. A teaspoon of butter provides 45 calories and when eaten with potatoes, this count grows to 135 calories. Large portions of salad dressing, including ranch dressing, are high in calories that trigger fat.

Cheesecake, pie and ice cream are some of desserts that contain large amounts of fats. An eighth of cheesecake or pie contains at least 300 calories, while a standard 1/2-cup of full-fat vanilla ice cream is 135 calories. A pint of cookies-and-cream-flavored ice cream raises the calorie count to 1,080 calories.