What Five Foods Should You Never Eat to Prevent Excess Belly Weight?


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Five foods that a person should avoid in order to avoid gaining excess belly fat include ice cream, hot dogs, white pasta, deep-fried vegetables and pastries, according to For Dummies. Liquids that can lead to belly bloat include sugar alcohols and soft drinks.

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What Five Foods Should You Never Eat to Prevent Excess Belly Weight?
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Eating ice cream can lead to excess belly fat due to the sugar that leads to an increase of insulin, notes For Dummies. A person who is lactose-intolerant may have trouble digesting the cow's milk in ice cream and might experience gas, diarrhea and bloating. Even individuals who can tolerate consuming cow's milk may experience bloating and cramping after eating cold ice cream.

Hot dogs contain saturated fat, which increases belly fat and can clog arteries, states For Dummies. Since hot dogs are usually high in sodium, they can also make a person retain water and look more bloated. Vegetarian and all-white-meat turkey hot dogs are often lower in saturated fat but may contain just as much sodium as regular hot dogs.

White pasta is made from white flour, which is free of nutrients and fibers and can lead to a bigger waistline, according to For Dummies. Pasta isn't a good source of fiber, which means that a person may eat more than he should to feel satisfied.

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