What Five Foods Should You Never Eat to Help Cut Stomach Fat?


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The five worst foods to consume when dieting to lose belly fat are sugar alcohols, carbonated drinks, alcohol, refined carbohydrates and high-salt foods, reports nutritionist Tara Gidus on Newsmax. These foods are calorie dense and cause issues ranging from diabetes and high blood pressure to binging.

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Refined carbohydrates must be avoided if a flat stomach is the goal of an individual's diet, according to nutritionist Tara Gidus. Foods such as white bread, breakfast cereals and candies are rapidly digested and cause spikes in blood sugar, leading to fat deposition in the belly. Whole grains, such as brown rice and whole wheat bread, are suggested instead as they digest more slowly. Sugar alcohols, although they are not a refined carbohydrate, still cause weight gain. These chemicals trick the body into thinking sugar has been eaten, resulting in hunger pangs and potential binging episodes. In addition, sugar alcohols cause bloating in most individuals.

Diet carbonated drinks should be avoided, recommends Gidus, as they are scientifically linked to higher rates of diabetes and weight gain in the stomach area, and they actually slow the body's metabolism. High-sodium foods cause the body to retain water weight and are a contributing cause to high blood pressure as well. While one glass of red wine can be beneficial to a person's health, alcoholic beverages are high calorie and stimulate the appetite.

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