What Are the Five Foods You Should Not Eat While on a Diet?


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Five foods a person should not eat while on a diet include bread, cheese, fried foods, foods with sugar and diet foods, note The Huffington Post and Cosmopolitan. It is also best for an individual to limit his alcohol intake while on a diet.

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Most breads are full of carbohydrates, and white bread often breaks down into sugar, says The Huffington Post. Another reason to avoid bread is that some types can have little to no nutritional value.

Fried foods are usually loaded with calories and fat and lack nutrients, notes The Huffington Post. Fried foods also lead to clogged arteries and can lead to strokes as well as Alzheimer's disease, says Natural News. The arterial plaque that results from eating fried foods can cause high blood pressure.

Sugar and foods that have sugar in them can slow weight-loss efforts and lead to a loss of energy, notes The Huffington Post. Artificial sweeteners can sometimes be just as unhealthy as regular sugar, says Cosmopolitan. Consuming an abundance of artificial sweeteners can also cause an individual to crave foods with sugar.

Diet foods are usually made with unhealthy fillers, such as salt and sugar, notes Cosmopolitan. An individual may consume more diet food if he thinks the food is healthier or if he is not satisfied with a single serving.

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