What Are Five Foods That Make You Fat?

What Are Five Foods That Make You Fat?

Flavored yogurt, white rice, refined sugar, white potatoes and baked chips are five foods that can make someone fat. Anyone wishing to lose weight needs to avoid these foods.

Flavored yogurt is rich in protein and calcium which trigger hunger. The yogurt has excess calories and sugar that can ruin healthy eating. Plain yogurt with a teaspoon of honey is a better choice.

As a refined grain, white rice digests to sugar quickly, which can result in weight gain. Brown rice is an inexpensive and delicious alternative. Refined sugar goes directly to the bloodstream and digests quickly. The pancreas reacts by releasing large amounts of insulin into the bloodstream. Insulin makes the body convert sugar into fat. Those who cannot do without sugar should use a natural substitute, such as fruit. The sugar in fruits digests slowly.

White potatoes digest quickly to sugar because they have a high glycemic index. This causes a spike in insulin levels. People who do not want to get fat should avoid potatoes that have a white interior. Suitable alternatives are yams and sweet potatoes, which are rich in minerals and vitamins and digest slowly.

Baked chips may be a good alternative to the regular chips that are mostly fat-laden; however, they are rich in sugar and sodium, and they do not have filling fiber. To satisfy a craving for something crunchy, a good alternative is to dip fresh raw veggies in a healthy dip.