What Are Five Common Heart Attack Symptoms in Men?

Five common heart attack symptoms in men include chest pain; chest discomfort; chest pressure; discomfort in the arms, neck, jaw or back; and abdominal discomfort that feels like heartburn, states WebMD. Approximately 10 percent of men who have heart attacks experience no chest pain, and people with diabetes can also have a heart attack without experiencing pain.

Lightheadedness, nausea, sweating and feeling short of breath are also signs of a heart attack, according to WebMD. When a person has a heart attack, chest pain can occur quickly or slowly. Some people feel a heaviness or pressure as well as a vague discomfort. Not everyone experiences the same symptoms as a heart attack takes place. Men are more likely than women to claim symptoms associated with a heart attack are due to physical exertion.

Men are often unsure that their symptoms are those of a heart attack, so they delay seeking emergency medical treatment, notes WebMD. Statistically, the majority of men don't call 911 for six hours when experiencing symptoms associated with a heart attack. A person who is having a heart attack needs to call for help within the first five minutes, as faster arrival at the hospital results in better overall chances of a good outcome.