What Are Some Fitness Tips for People Older Than 60?


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Walking is one of the most common and comfortable physical fitness activities for people older than 60 to begin with when launching a fitness program. Individuals may also feel more motivated when exercising with a partner to remain accountable and committed to a fitness plan. Activities such as gardening, dancing or swimming are common among people older than 60.

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Strength training can be a beneficial activity for seniors to help keep muscles strong. Individuals older than 60 should begin with 1- or 5-pound weights and work with a personal trainer to determine appropriate movements. A book, a can of soup or a full bottle of water works as a substitute for actual weights. People older than 60 can also use resistance bands to build muscle. Resistance bands are available in different lengths and offer flexibility when performing leg and upper-arm exercises.

Any type of activity, such as walking, aerobics, dance lessons or yoga, helps to keep muscles active and strong, which can ultimately help to boost the immune system and a patient's overall health. People older than 60 should consult with a medical professional before launching a fitness and exercise plan to determine limitations or physical risks associated with their chosen fitness activity.

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