What Fitness Programs Include Weight Training?


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The U.S. Army physical fitness program includes an aerobic and strength training component, according to Military.com. It consists of upper body training, such as pull-ups and push-ups, sit-ups for core strength and timed runs. This program has the benefit of being readily accessible and free of cost because it uses the individual's body weight for resistance and does not require free weights or weight machines.

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Some good suggestions for workouts that use more than just an individual's body weight are offered by body-building experts John Meadows and Jim Smith through Muscle & Fitness. One example is the Conjugate System, which was developed in the Soviet Union in the 1960s and served as the basis for the American Westside Barbell Template power-lifting technique. This type of training is broken up into four sessions per week, including two lower body and two upper body sessions. These are further divided into max-load and dynamic sessions. The former aims at lifting the maximum weight for one or two repetitions each, and the latter aims at lifting lighter weights as fast as possible, sometimes using bands or chains. This system is known for producing huge muscles and great strength.

A second weight-training workout is Linear Periodization, which Muscle & Fitness describes as one of the simplest techniques to learn. The workout is designed around three cycles of four to five weeks each. The first aims at building muscle size, or hypertrophy. The second seeks to build strength, and the last aims to increase size and strength. The benefit of this workout is its consistency. During each four to five week period, the lifter focuses on increasing weight and decreasing repetitions. However, it is not recommended for beginners because it emphasizes building size before strength, which can lead to injuries in someone who has not trained before.

It is important to remember that weight training is not the only component of physical fitness. According to the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans published by U.S. Department of Health, adults require both strength training and aerobic activity to achieve optimal health.

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