What Does a Fitness Instructor Do?

fitness-instructor Credit: Tim Robberts/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Fitness instructors work primarily in gyms and teach clients how to use equipment properly, advise them on dietary guidelines, develop personal training plans and provide encouragement, according to TotalJobs.com. They also monitor the misuse of equipment, ensure that the gym is kept clean and free of health and safety hazards and deliver exercise classes and workshops. They may also work at health clubs, leisure centers, hospitals and university campuses.

Fitness instructors may work with a range of people, including specialist rehabilitation clients, students, elite athletes and members of the general public. TotalJobs.com says that shift work is not uncommon for fitness instructors. They may also be expected to work nights and weekends when clients are most likely to exercise. Fitness instructors can be self-employed or work directly for the facility where they teach. A self-employed fitness instructor can set his own hours and rates. The job is suitable for individuals who have a motivating attitude and enjoy working with people. The job requires the ability to cater to the needs of each client's unique requirements, says TotalJobs.com. The main disadvantage to working as a fitness instructor is that the income can be quite low unless a person is able to build a strong portfolio of high-paying clients.